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Are you considering selling a property? Start by getting a free estimate of your property’s market price from us.

I want to sell my property

We will ensure the fast, safe and carefree sale of your property in Prague, Brno, and other parts of the Czech Republic.

Property auctions

We will market your property to gain the best offer. An auction is one of the best ways to sell real estate. But what are the benefits?


Real estate agency RE/MAX Alfa

We are part of the international network of RE/MAX real estate agencies, which provides us with an ideal background for providing real estate services to the highest standards. You can find us not only in Prague, but also in Central Bohemia, in Brno, and in the Vysočina Region around Jihlava and Třebíč. We don’t just try to satisfy our customers, we try to inspire them with our work. We achieve this by selling properties for their highest possible price, through a professional, yet personable, approach. We use the latest marketing technology to help sell property quickly and, above all, safely! We will go through the entire process of buying and selling real estate with you.
Further on camera statements from clients can be found on the References page.

Articles about real estate

Mortgage process and how to successfully buy a property

14. 2. 2023

Purchasing a property in the Czech Republic can be a daunting task, especially for those unfamiliar with the local mortgage market.

Banks Prohibited from Mortgage Early Repayment Penalties

30. 1. 2023

The banks must lower rates to retain Customers. In this article we will focus on the early repayment penalties and the fact that the banks...

A building’s Energy Performance Certificate (PENB). When do you need it?

6. 10. 2022

From 1 July 2015, the owner of the building or a part of that building must ensure that they have a valid PENB when selling...

How to sell a property after someone dies

16. 9. 2022

When the death occurs in the real estate it is a very sensitive situation. How to deal with it? And what about if the tragedy...

How inheritance proceedings take place and the subsequent sale of a property acquired through inheritance

11. 8. 2022

Death is usually associated with grief. Especially when it comes to your parents, grandparents or other close relatives.

How to check a tenant’s quality

30. 7. 2022

Have you bought an apartment as an investment and now want to rent it out? Choosing quality tenant is key for success. Let's see how...

How to choose a real estate agent to sell your property

30. 7. 2022

A good real estate agent can save you a lot of money when selling your property, a bad real estate agent can cost you more....

If tenants dont pay the rent, I will evict them. Definitely not!

11. 5. 2022

Moving out a non-paying tenant may not be at all easy. While most tenants, if they do not have money to pay the rent will...

How a property is sold

26. 3. 2022

A step by step process of how a property is sold.

Sealed bid auctions – an excellent way to sell real estate

30. 1. 2022

Is a sealed bid auction suitable for the sale of your property? How does it work and what you should know when selling real estate...

When are you exempt from income tax from the sale of an inherited property in 2022?

16. 1. 2022

Under Section 4 of the Income Tax Act, you are exempt if you have owned a property or cooperative apartment for more than 5 years....

A notary’s remuneration for inheritance proceedings and other fees

16. 12. 2021

The good news is that, in the Czech Republic, heirs do not pay inheritance tax or income tax. However, they must pay the notary's fee,...

How to use financial leverage when investing in real estate?

11. 12. 2021

Leverage is a tool that allows you to increase your return on equity with the help of foreign capital. In the case of investing in...

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How do we sell property?

Expert real estate agents

from across the Czech Republic
Not only do we sell real estate quickly, but we save you time by handling all the formalities for you. We also have the know how to solve complex real estate cases.
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Attractive presentations

We know how to show your property in the best light.
Home staging, virtual viewings, 3D vizualisation, top-quality photography, carefully prepared viewings, and superb presentations are key to selling at the highest price.
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Sophisticated online marketing

A strong technical background
You don’t have to do anything to sell your property, just entrust yourself to our care. Your property will be seen by thousands of people interested in buying it as soon as the sale starts.
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More about our real estate agency

What makes us different?

  • We know how to solve very detailed and complex real estate cases, such as property sales from inheritance proceedings, divorce proceedings, execution, etc.
  • We are happy to advise on real estate financing.
  • At Alfa, we simply want to have honest, high-quality real estate agents who perceive their work as a service to people. We do not tolerate gold diggers that are only about the money.
  • At Alfa, we employ brokers who are constantly working to improve themselves. We nuture our team and support the mutual transfer of experience.
  • The reputation of Alfa and our team of agents is important to us. That is why we constantly evaluate the quality of the service we provide. Our clients’ comments are very important to us and we are happy for any feedback, for example, in the form of an evaluation questionnaire.
  • We cooperate with other branches in the Czech RE/MAX network which includes more than 1,000 estate agents.

Do you want to sell a property, but don’t know how to proceed?

  • Choose any one of our real estate agents and contact them. They will be happy to help you or recommend the most suitable colleague.
  • The basis of a successful sale is to correctly determine the market price of the property, so it is important to have an estimate of the property’s value. However, ‘estimate’ is not a very accurate word. We do not estimate, instead we can say with some certainty at what price we can sell your property. The price of an apartment, house, any building, or land you want to sell is determined by many factors. While location is crucial, the proximity to local amenities, the market situation, and other factors all play a part, as does the real estate agent’s ability to sell.
  • We have a wide database of clients, and can address them directly with offer of properties we believe will interest them. Our brokers do not only live in Prague, Brno, or Jihlava, but also in the surrounding towns and villages, and take care to evaluate regional markets. In case of any uncertainty, a real estate agent is able to contact their colleagues for local knowledge, gauge seasonal adjustments, and other details that may affect property prices. They may also gain contacts for potential buyers or sellers.
  • Ask us for an estimate on any property. Estimates are free for property owners.
  • We will meet with you and find out your needs and thoughts. We will guide you to the ideal way to sell your properly.
  • We will take care of everything related to the sale. We will negotiate with the authorities, provide legal services, including the safe transfer of funds and documentation, we carry out energy use evaluation certificates, and all other activities. Our main goal is to save you as much worry as possible from the sale of your property.
  • When buying a new property, you can choose from our wide range of family houses and apartments, as well as commercial properties and building plots.