Ing. Jakub Žižka

Realitní makléř Jakub Žižka

I entered the world of real estate in 2013. At the beginning of my career, I chose the RE/MAX Alfa brand and to this day I consider it to be the best decision I could have made. Under the wings of this office, I gradually developed into one of RE/MAX Czech Republic elite real estate brokers in terms of the volume of property deals as well as client reviews.

Bc. Jakub Švarc

Realitní makléř Jakub Švarc

Enthusiasm decides - a fact that also applies to the profession of real estate agent. When work is your hobby it is priceless. As your estate agent, I will pay great attention to preparing and presenting your property at its best. I use effective sales tools, such as selling through RE/MAX auctions. Together with my team, I will make sure that the sale of the property causes you no stress, and that all steps take place safely and without worry....