Are you considering selling a property and want to know its market price? Then get a free real estate valuation

When you want to sell a property, determining the its market price is one of the most important parts of the sale. We can tell you what its worth free of charge and without obligation. We also process real estate valuations for inheritance proceedings.

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Note: Our estimate of the market price will give you a general overview, but will not be 100% accurate. A more precise estimate of a property’s value can only be made after inspecting the property. Then we can assess the pros, cons, and potential of your property. Whether you want us to visit your property or just do an online price check, our property price estimate will provide you with important information to help you make a decision about your property’s future.

Valuations are prepared by RNDr. Martin Pleskac.

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RNDr. Martin Pleskač