How to create the text for an advert that sells?

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Great text in an advert can help sell a property faster and at a higher price. However, if you make a dozen different texts but have only average photos, you will not achieve any breakthrough results in sales. At the same time, real estate websites are full of ordinary text and stand-out photographs – not only from self-selling owners, but also from real estate agents.

Error # 4 Uninteresting advert text

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You might say that writing text for an advert is not rocket science. It is something that describes the property and that is all. But this is a mistake. Statistics show that a quality text will help sell a property for a price higher than a boring text. It can do this simply because it captures a potential buyer’s eyes, leaving them wanting to know more. That is why copywriters are paid so well 🙂

Countless books on marketing text already exist, so I will mention just a few simple rules that anyone can follow when advertising a property.

Human emotions are a significant motivating factor for people who want to buy real estate. People buy emotionally, but they try to justify their purchase with rational reasons.

I didn’t invent this saying, I read it in a marketing textbook a long time ago. However, I am constantly convinced of how true this is in the real estate market.

Of course, there are rational reasons at the very beginning of any purchase decision, but emotions play a key role in the final decision to buy a particular property. And that’s why “if your text rings no emotional bell, then your property won’t sell well.

Human desires can be worked well in advertisements. In particular, desires such as family, social contact, status, peace, ownership, security, order, and health are especially valuable when selling real estate.

When considering these basic human needs it is important to remember to “present of living in the property, not just the property itself”. People do not just live in a building, but in the area around them, so community, infrastructure, and services are also decisive for them. You can summarize these benefits in the advertisement text.

Here is a short example of how to achieve this. Let’s say you want to sell an apartment in Prague’s Jižní Město. The property is close to Hostivař Woodland Park, which you can use in the advert text in the following way:

4-Room Apartment (70m2) in Jižní Město. 10 minutes from Hostivař Woodland Park. Let your children grow up close to green, open spaces, not only boosting their health and happiness, but providing a peaceful spot for your whole family.

Countless other possibilities are available, as each property has its own emotional benefits that can be used in an advert’s text.

Under no circumstances should you use false information in advertising. Always follow the rule “for an advert to do, it has to be true”.

Petr Podlešák
Petr Podlešák

Article prepared by: Petr Podlešák