Do you have a For Sale sign on your property?

Why is a For Sale sign so important?

A For Sale sign is a good tool to use when selling real estate. It is worth placing the sign on the property even if it is located on a quiet street with little vehicle or pedestrian traffic. As we discussed earlier, people often look for real estate in the area where they live – ‘the rooting effect’. And you never know if your neighbours want to buy a local property or know someone who does. For Sale signs are responsible for about 8% of all real estate sold. Although this statistic also includes sales made from synergies with other posters and billboards. That is to say that a For Sale sign may actually help sell a different property than the one where it is placed. This is the effectiveness of our For Sale sign advertising network. People who sell their property themselves obviously do not get this benefit, but it is still an important marketing channel that should not be forgetten.

Mistake No. 5. Owners forget about potential buyers in their neighbourhood

You can buy a For Sale sign for less than 500 Czk, but make sure to keep it out of reach of people on the street who may damage it. At the same time, make sure that it is not so high that people do not notice it or are unable read it. Sometimes it is better to use a so-called “V” sign instead of a classic For Sale sign, as they protrude outwards from the property into the street where people can see it more easily. All your sign needs is a large “FOR SALE” and your telephone number. More data is less effective, because then the sign loses clarity.

Article prepared by: Petr Podlešák