Company principles

Company principles RE/MAX Alfa

We respect fundamental human values and place great emphasis on their observance. They are required of all employees of our company without exception.

  1. Truthfulness, honesty, integrity, reliability, courtesy, fairness, and trustworthiness are the cornerstones of every employee’s behavior.
  2. Constructive criticism towards anyone in the company is not suppressed by anyone, on the contrary, it is a means for finding optimal solutions.
  3. Everyone has the right to express his or her opinion freely on the company’s functioning.
  4. Every employee accepts 100% responsibility for his/her decisions.
  5. We are an informationally open company. Sharing information among employees is a tool for effective communication, increased productivity, and information synergy.
  6. The company creates space for expanding the responsibilities and competencies of employees, makes efforts in finding their potential, and thus tries to contribute to their self-realization and thus to the growth of the company.
  7. All are supported and encouraged in their work activities. All have the right to be proactive and to make efforts to find new ideas and solutions. The Company supports these initiatives and no one is restricted in these efforts.
  8. Everyone has the right to exist with dignity and respect in society. Any form of bullying, harassment, or ridicule of anyone by anyone is not tolerated.
  9. We are an organization that supports and honors the freedom of the spirit. Therefore, the leadership of RE/MAX Alfa does not promote any political or religious stripe. Our employees are committed to respecting any political, religious, spiritual, or sexual orientation, interests, and activities of other employees that do not interfere with their personal rights and the interests of the company.
  10. Negotiated agreements with anyone, even in verbal form, are honored without reservation.
  11. The client is the most important person in the company, so we treat him with due respect and try to do everything possible to make him satisfied with our work and feel our respect.
  12. We want to develop our business intensively, but not at the cost of violating the above principles, because violating them may bring us short-term benefits, but not lasting prosperity.

Author: Petr Podlešák