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What do we offer sellers?

Property appraisals

Are you planning to sell a property? Are you going through divorce proceedings and don’t know what to do with the apartment? Have you lost someone close to you and are dealing with the settlement of an inheritance that includes real estate? Then you will certainly need to know its market price. We will be happy to prepare an appraisal of your house or apartment. We know very well the prices of real estate in Prague, Brno, Vysočina, and other regions. Contact our experienced real estate agents.

Home staging

Byt Malešice
Apartment in Malešice

It is the preparation of a property for presentation to clients or for photography and is an integral part of our work. We don’t want to present a property that is not perfectly prepared. that’s why we hire professionals for home staging. Preparation is far from just about arranging and cleaning. It is a set of activities in which we can create a pleasant and friendly atmosphere in the interior. We never keep anything from potential buyers. We present the property truthfully, naturally, but tastefully. We show it the way it can be if the new owner takes proper care of it.

Sale of real estate

We may already have a buyer and are just waiting to list your property. We have strong sales channels that will make your property instantly known to many potential buyers. It’s not just those who are actively searching online for properties to buy, but also those we have in our databases. In addition, we are always actively looking for target groups on and off the internet to whom we can offer the property. We think about each property and the needs of its owner. Come and meet one of our real estate agents without obligation.

Real estate auctions

Sellers usually want to sell their property for the highest possible price. An auction is a way of selling a property that can help them do this. With a property auction, we can sell a property in a short time and for the maximum price. It should be said that an auction is not an auction within the meaning of the Act on Public Auctions No. 26/2000 Coll.

Buyout of real estate – when to do it?

  • You want to buy another property, but you don’t have enough money for it, so need extra finance quickly
  • You are in financial distress and need money immediately
  • You are struggling with mortgage repayments and do not want to default on the loan or impact your credit rating
  • You are facing foreclosure or other consequences of financial difficulties

What do we offer buyers?

Purchase of real estate

If you want to buy a property, you should be clear about what is important to you. Whether it is the price of the property, the location, its facilities (garden and so on), and whether you want to buy a house or rather an apartment. There can be many criteria when making a decision and in any case, do not rush the choice. It often happens that the buyer is full of emotions, cannot make the right decision, and see all the risks. Even at this stage, when you still do not know what property to buy, our experienced real estate agents will be happy to advise you. We will also advise and help you with securing financing.

Mortgage loans

If you don’t have cash and need to finance the property with a loan, you have two options. You can arrange a mortgage yourself, or you can get a tailored quote from an independent financial or mortgage adviser or agent. The first option is more demanding on your time and carries the risk that you will choose (due to less knowledge of the market and financial products) a loan that is not the most advantageous. The second option, working with a mortgage agent, saves you time, nerves and, above all, increases your chances of obtaining more favorable terms.

Legal services

We offer you everything “under one roof”. Our real estate office has a lawyer who is in charge of the complete legal preparation of the real estate transaction. This mainly includes the preparation of the purchase and possibly future purchase contracts, but also proposals for deposits in the Land Registry, escrow of purchase contracts, and other activities. Having a lawyer directly in the office is simply an advantage for our clients and us. Everything is faster and safer.

If you have any questions about our real estate services, contact one of our real estate agents.