Virtual property tours

How does a virtual tour make selling your property easier, and when does it even make sense? It doesn’t make sense to set up a virtual tour for every property. However, in some cases it is invaluable. Let’s summarize its benefits.

When does a virtual tour of real estate make sense?

  1. Imagine that you live in the apartment or house you want to sell. Viewings with potential buyers are always an invasion of your privacy and some owners find such an invasion of privacy extremely unpleasant. Selling a property is not a matter of a week, sometimes a sale can take several months, dozens of prospective buyers may visit your property and your home becomes a public space. A virtual tour will give potential buyers a good overview of your property, helping to reduce the number of unnecessary viewings and therefore significantly reducing the invasion of your privacy.
  2. Is your property large and unusual? In such cases, it is difficult for many interested parties to imagine the space and see its potential, despite your real estate agent having made a quality photo presentation, including clear floor plans. A virtual viewing will reduce the number of unsuccessful in-person viewings and will help buyers decide. This saves time for the seller (who may want to be present for every in-person viewing), the buyer, and the real estate agent.

When does a virtual tour not make sense?

For the sale of flats that potential buyers can easily imagine, or for small flats. Do you have a classic 3+1 apartment in a prefabricated house on a housing estate, of which there are thousands across our country? Such flats are easy for buyers to imagine, not only from photos and floor plans but also because they have probably been in a comparable one. A virtual tour of such properties doesn’t really make much sense.

How we promote virtual viewings

We promote virtual tours on the Internet on the RE/MAX website and other real estate portals that offer this service, on Facebook, and through banner campaigns targeting people who are searching for similar properties on the Internet.

We offer virtual tours to sellers as a standard part of our real estate services for all properties that are suitable for virtual tours, especially larger, representative and atypical properties. Are you interested in selling your property successfully and would you like to take a virtual tour?

Do you also want to successfully sell your property?

We will prepare a virtual tour of your property and do much more than you can imagine to sell it.

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