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When you are considering selling a property, finding out the sale price of your home is one of the most important pieces of information. We’ll give you the price for free and without obligation.

We also prepare estimates for inheritance proceedings and the division of the matrimonial property in a divorce.

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What is the cost of a property appraisal?

We do framework property appraisals for property owners free of charge. Where possible we aim for an accuracy of ± 10% of the normal price. There is no catch. We are heartened by the fact that some owners subsequently choose to sell their property with us. Nothing else.

Property valuations for probate proceedings, divorce proceedings, or community property settlements are chargeable. However, if we agree not only to prepare the appraisal but also to sell the property, we will refund the cost of the appraisal.

For a detailed price list of appraisals for all occasions, please visit the Real Estate Appraisal Price List.

What happens after you submit an online inquiry?

Our estimator will contact you within 48 hours of completing your online inquiry. In some cases, it is possible to determine the market price of a property already on the basis of a submitted inquiry. In other cases, we need additional information and will contact you immediately. If necessary, we will arrange a personal meeting and come to see the property.

Do you want to contact a property appraiser in your region?

Are you planning to sell your house, flat, land, or other property after a property appraisal and would like to know who will take care of you? Check out information about real estate agents who do appraisals and possibly contact them directly. Appraisers can value a property taking into account the location and other key facts. RE/MAX Alfa real estate agency is based in Prague and Brno, but we also sell properties in Central Bohemia, South Moravia, Moravia-Silesia and Vysočina. Agents from these locations know the local conditions very well and therefore they can sell your property in a profitable way. They also know the local authorities, financial institutions such as banks, and lawyers and are able to help even in complex real estate cases. Contact our agents and get a real estate price estimate!

Determining the selling price of a property to achieve a successful sale

One common, yet ill-advised pricing strategy, involves setting a high property price and then if there is no interest, keep lowering the price until a buyer agrees. However, this strategy is quite risky, as it can confuse buyers as to the property’s true worth, and often results in a sale below market value. How is this possible? To find out what the consequences of a bad opening sale’s price can be, read the article on correctly determining the market price of real estate.

What happens if you value your property too high?

Nothing will happen at all. Most likely, no one will call and no one will write. That is, with the exception of real estate agents wanting to offer their services, especially those who are just starting out. Crucially though, you will miss the valuable period when your property first enters the market. It is during this time that potential buyers receive notifications about newly offered real estate. If the price is too high, then these real buyers will not be interested. If you really want to sell your house, apartment, or another piece of real estate, you will have to start reducing the price. From this point, many people will begin to question why your property has been on the market so long and with a falling price. Why does no one want it? Is it undesirable? Is there something wrong with it? Much like looking for work with a wage demand so high that no one wants to give you a job. After 6 months of looking, you begin to reduce your wage demands, but prospective employers now see an unemployed person who couldn’t find a job for 6 months…

To learn more, read the rest of the article “Why is it important to set the selling price correctly?”

Setting a property’s correct price – the most common mistakes in determining the market value of a real estate

(1) Comparing advertisements on real estate websites

Often sellers try to price their property by comparing listings on real estate servers. However, many of the ads on the internet express the wishful thinking of the sellers rather than the real market price. Listing prices for properties can vary by tens of percent from real market prices. The exception is not properties that have been offered for several years because their owners want to sell at a ridiculously high price.

If you price your property according to these offers, you may find yourself at a dead end. To be able to set the price correctly by comparing listings, it is essential to monitor the listings over a long period of time. This is the only way you will be able to identify the bad apples.

(2) The cost method

The seller calculates how much he has invested in the property (e.g. acquisition cost, renovation, mortgage costs, appreciation over time, etc.) and sets the price based on this. Unfortunately, this may not always work in practice. This method may work in times of economic growth, but especially in times of economic recession and oversupply, it does not work.

The costs you have invested in property are called “sunk costs” in economics and are of no interest to potential buyers. All they care about is the use value, which is completely individual and relative to the purchase price of the property. And the use value, measured against the purchase price, is compared to competing for property offers…

(3) Price maps

Price maps are a simple tool for estimating a property’s value. They consider the average price per square meter of property that has been sold in a specific locality. Significantly, price maps do not take into account the distinctive features of a property. Among other things, this includes; the condition of the building, the orientation of windows, the layout of the rooms, the number of floors, the presence of an elevator, accessibility to public transport, and the quantity and quality of local services, shops, and schools. These factors mean that the market price for two different apartments sold on the same street can differ by as much as ten percent or more, something that a price map does not consider.

To learn more about valuing a property, read “The most common mistakes in determining the price of real estate”.