Real estate agents’ tricks

The real estate market is full of pitfalls. If you want to sell or buy a property, sooner or later (whether you like it or not) you will be in contact with real estate agents. If you are lucky, you will meet professional, capable real estate agents who are happy to help you. Unfortunately, most property brokers in the Czech Republic do not meet these standards, so be prepared to meet a variety of characters.

80% of real estate agents in the Czech Republic are below standard. You can learn more about Czech real estate industry and our survey of the quality of real estate agents in the article “RE/MAX Alfa brokers can sell real estate better than the owners themselves”.

A good real estate agent can sell a property on better terms than the owners themselves. However, bad property brokers can complicate sales and put off prospective buyers. Unfortunately, there are more bad brokers than good.

Bad property brokers, who are in the majority, are a waste of money.