RE/MAX Alfa documentation

The quality of the sales plan, a proactive approach and the real estate agent’s sales experience all have a significant impact on how quickly a property is sold and at what price.

We will be happy to convince you that thanks to these attributes we are able to sell your property on more advantageous terms than if you sold it yourself or with the help of average property brokers who only display your property on a few real estate websites and then passively wait.

Instead of that, we prepare a sales plan which is tailor-made to suit each property we sell.

Sales brokerage commission

The amount of the commission is determined by the price of the property, the volume of services provided and, above all, according to the individually prepared sales plan. The commission for real estate services ranges from 3 to 5% + VAT.

Mediation contracts

We prepare a brokerage contract tailored to each property.

Sample contracts can be found here:

Apartment for sale – private ownership
Apartment for sale – cooperative ownership
House for sale
Land for sale

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your personal real estate agent at any time.