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We help property owners and buyers to carry out real estate transactions safely and quickly. We sell all real estate used for housing and commercial purposes, including development projects. Among our may offers you will find urban real estate as well as apartments and houses in the countryside.

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We are part of the international network of RE/MAX real estate agencies, with all the benefits that the background of a strong company provides. We have a sophisticated system for promoting real estate on the Internet and beyond. You can find us in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Central Bohemia, Vysočina and all across the Czech Republic.

We take care of everything related to a real estate transaction. We prepare contracts, we negotiate with local and more distant authorities, we have a quality and proven legal service, including the safe transfer of funds and documents authorised by a lawyer. We provide energy usage certificates and all other necessary documents, services, and activities. Our goal is to satisfy our clients and save them time. In addition to experience, real estate brokers from RE/MAX Alfa also have individual specializations and language skills, empowering them to handle even complex real estate cases.

Real estate offers

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