The most common mistakes when selling real estate

Domek nad propastí

Are you selling a property without a real estate agency? You can find out what mistakes sellers often make when selling a property and how to avoid them in my series for Go-it-Alone Self-selling Owners.

Here are some top tips for all Go-it-Alone Self-selling Owners (i.e. people who are trying to sell a propety on their own).

Selling real estate has numberous pitfalls that you may encounter, all of which are worth preparing for. I hope that this information will help you avoid many of the mistakes that can create sleepless nights when trying to sell a property.

Here are the areas where the biggest blunders are made and the advice on how to avoid them.

  • Mistakes in marketing a property and how to ensure that your offer reaches as many potential buyers as possible?
  • How best to present a property to attract the highest offers? How to set the selling price correctly?
  • Why is the strategy of ‘starting at the highest price and then reducing’ risky?
  • Business skills and sales psychology. What effect do they have on negotiating the best terms for you?
  • Quality of buyers. Why is it more important than you think?
  • The ownership factor. How emotional attachments to a property affect sales?
  • I found a buyer. What’s next? Finding a buyer is not the end, but the beginning.
  • And more topics that every home owner that wants to sell should know.

In this series, we’ll summarize the experiences of our best real estate agents. We will also offer you a taste of our unique marketing plan for selling a property, which you can apply to your sales efforts. By applying it, we are able to achieve an estimated average of an 8% higher sales price for 40% of the properties we sell. In the remaining 60% of cases, we typically sell within a range of 2 to 8% higher price than an owner who is selling his own property alone. Now you can try these sales techniques too.

Why do we advise owners how to sell without a real estate agency?

Is there a catch? No. I only offer honest advice. Selling real estate is not difficult. Almost everyone can do it. But many people doing so, end up selling it on worse terms and especially at a lower price than they would have with a professional. There are many reasons why this happens, often people simply don’t know the business of marketing and selling. But other reasons include; they don’t understand the psychology of sales, they have an emotional attachment to a property which limits them, sometimes they’re under pressure that a skilled buyer can use to their advantage, they don’t have the time or energy to focus on selling, or after a while selling a property stops being fun. Learning to sell real estate in order to get the best possible sales conditions requires both time and energy, as well as a decent dose of skills, and not just business ones. And this is why I believe that 80% of self-selling property owners fail. If you don’t believe me, then read on, as this series will reveal the secrets of successful sales. The information needed to help you get a good deal, get a higher price for your property by tens or hundreds of thousands of krowns. Despite this, many owners find that the action needed for a successful sale is not the way that they want to do business. They do not want to study sales and marketing techniques, and do not want to face the barrage of cold calls from inexperienced, indepedent real estate agents who daily offer their services. They soon tire of giving property viewing to people who cannot afford to buy, or fall under pressure from experienced property speculators or those who want to trick or con them. They soon find out that the real estate market is a jungle, so they end up turning to us for help. Alternatively, they find a buyer themselves and contact us to have our legal department prepare purchase agreements and provide legal custody of funds, or use our finance department to provide a mortgage (we work with 13 banks and we know which one has the best offers). Whatever your situation, I believe that anyone thinking about selling a property will find plenty of interesting abd helpful information if they are prepared to read on.