Is the Internet all-powerful when selling a property?

This article is part of the series “Most common mistakes when selling real estate”

Today, sellers often rely solely on the Internet to sell a property, even some real estate agents. But is the internet omnipotent in sales?

Mistake # 2 Relying too much on the Internet

I appreciate that in the age of the Internet, saying that it is possible to over-rely on the World Wide Web is dangerous, but it is true. Buyers in particular benefit from the advantages of shopping online because they have the opportunity to compare prices and specific requirements, and so can find what they need at the lowest price.

To achieve your best selling price, you need to do more than just rely on online advertising. Today we’re going to look at a few tips that I think you should try. The rewards of doing so may be greater than you think.

The saying “an apple does not fall far from a tree” also applies to buying a property. People often look for real estate close to where they grew up. Something I sometimes call the ‘rooting effect’. For example, parents often help their children find an apartment closeby, so that they can be around to assist with the care of their grandchildren. Other times, children want to be close to their parents so that they can help them in old age.

Other people are not actively look for a new property or only occasionally do so online. Over-realiance on the Internet may mean that your offer gets missed. However, if your property is located near where they or their parents currently live, or close to where their family or childhood friends live, then you can grab their attention with effective offline marketing. Moreover, your property has added value to these potential buyers as for them, location is so important. People like this may ask themselves, “when will a property on this street be up for sale again?” In a situation like this, neighbourhood is more signficant than price, so you can sell for more.

When I say ‘effective offline marketing’, I mean writing a cover letter informing people living in the area about the sale of your property. If you write this cover letter well and deliver it to as many as a few thousand letterboxes, you have another tool to find the one single buyer you need. Of course, you don’t always sell a property this way, but sometimes this approach really pays off. Another method that the best real estate agents use is to offer a property that is for sale to their clients. It is a key part of our unique marketing plan for selling real estate.

In the next article, I will show you how to create a property presentation that people will not miss.