Ing. Dina Marečková

Realitní makléřka Ing. Dina Marečková

Since 2007, I have been working in the RE/MAX network as a real estate broker focusing on the sale of residential property in Prague. I have extensive experience in selling real estate to foreign clients, and have taken part in international foreign real estate fairs in Moscow and St. Petersburg where I presented Prague development projects.

Phone: +420 775 775 895

My websites: Dina Marečková RE/MAX

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Paní Marečková zaujala svým profesionálním přístupem. Splnila veškeré očekávání. Naprostá spokojenost. Doporučujeme všem. Děkujeme.
I have recommended Dina's services to several of my friends and they were all very satisfied. Nowadays it is not so easy to find a professional, competent and decent realtor. I recommend.
Today we talked with Dina for the first time, there is an intention to invest in an apartment in Prague, turned to her for advice, received comprehensive information, Dina explained everything intelligibly and clearly, a very pleasant girl to talk to. Hope to work.
I can recommend Dina Marechkova with absolute confidence as a highly professional, decent and crystal-clear realtor.I have known Dina for 14 years since 2008. My husband and I own several properties in the Czech Republic and have been actively cooperating with Dina Marechkova all this time. She helps us buy and sell our real estate, evaluates it, looks for tenants for various properties, helps in solving various situations that arise during the rental process, and comprehensively accompanies all transactions and processes.Dina Marechkova has extensive experience in real estate, but at the same time, she constantly takes various training courses and uses all the new products that appear on the market in her work.In addition, Dina has a thorough knowledge of the Czech real estate market from the inside and easily predicts the emergence of trends and tendencies. You can consult with her about whether the time is now convenient for a particular transaction, in which area of ​​​​Prague or in which suburb it is better to rent an apartment or buy real estate. For example, when we were looking for a house for ourselves, Dina suggested that it is better not to buy it in that area, since the groundwater is too high and the basement can be flooded during a flood. This is a nuance that we did not even think about, but which could seriously ruin our lives later.I recommend realtor Dina Marechkova to you as a professional and just a pleasant person to talk to.