A notary’s remuneration for inheritance proceedings and other fees

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The good news is that, in the Czech Republic, heirs do not pay inheritance tax or income tax. However, they must pay the notary’s fee, as well as reimburse them for their costs and other expenses associated with the formalities of inheritance.

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Remuneration of a Notary

The notary’s fee is fixed by law in Decree No. 196/2001 Coll. on the remuneration and compensation of notaries, administrators of the estate, and the Notary Chamber.

The basis for the remuneration of a notary as a court commissioner is set out in the decree in § 12 paras. 1 to 5.

Under Paragraph 13 of the Decree:

0 – 500.000 CZK2 % (min. 2.000 CZK)
500.001 – 1.000.000 Kč0,9 %
1.000.001 – 3.000.000 Kč0,5 %
3.000.001 – 20.000.000 Kč0,1 %

Amounts over 20,000,000 CZk are not charged.

Max. amount of remunaration in 2021 is 50.215 CZK (including VAT DPH 21%).

It is also necessary to add to this amount other notary expenses as specified in the decree. E.g. postage, call charges, reimbursement of cash expenses, etc. see the Decree on Remuneration and Reimbursement of Notaries for details.

Example of fee calculation

If you inherit an apartment worth 3 million, the notary’s fee is calculated as follows:

2% of the first 100,000 is 10,000 CZK (100,000 × 0.02)
0,9% of the amount over 500,000 up to 1,00,000 is 4,500 CZK (400,000 × 0.009)
0.5% of the amount over 1,000,000 up to 3,000,000 is 10,000 CZk (2000,000 × 0.005)

10,000 + 4,500 +10,000 = 24,500 CZk.

21% VAT must be added to the remuneration. In total, you will pay the notary 29,645 CZk.

Valuation of property for inheritance proceedings

If you inherit a property, the notary will want you to submit an estimate of the value of the real estate for inheritance proceedings.

We can prepare an estimate of the market price for inheritance proceedings free of charge if you subsequently sell the property through our real estate agency.

In other cases, we charge 990 CZK + VAT for apartments and plots of land or for 1,990 Czk + VAT for houses.

Please contact us if you interested in having a property valuation for inheritance proceedings.

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